Find Information Quickly

Single Account Simplifies Your Case Management

Think of your account as your home page to view your case status and history for most of the applications and petitions you have filed with USCIS. Creating an account is free and allows you to easily save your receipt numbers and view your entire case history.

Track Your Progress

Choose How to Receive Your Case Updates

An account makes it easy to have updates and notices about your case automatically sent to your email and cell phone.

Manage Multiple Cases

Organize Your Clients’ Documents And Notices

Attorneys and representatives with an account have applications or petitions submitted, even those submitted by mail all available and organized by application, date, or type.

Case Status Tools

  • SAVE

    Easily save receipt numbers and case information.


    View your case and service request history.


    Receive updates on your case status.


    Create and manage email and phone alerts for immediate notification about updates to your case.


    Attorneys and representatives can access and manage multiple cases at once.


    Attorneys and representatives can associate and group multiple cases by tracking numbers.