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Other Government Agencies Involved in the Immigration Process

For information about other government agencies involved in immigration processes, please visit the website of that agency. We have listed a few below:

Entry and Admission into the United States:
For information about entering the United States and Inspections at a Port of Entry, please visit the United States Customs and Border Protection website at
Foreign Consulates in the United States:
For information about this topic see
Immigration Court:
For information about a matter in an Immigration Court (administered by the United States Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review - EOIR), visit their website at or call their electronic information system at 1 (800) 898-7180. This system operates in English and Spanish. You will need your A-Number to get information on your case.
Immigration Investigations, Enforcement, Detention and Removal:
For information about immigration investigations, enforcement, detention or removal of aliens from the U.S., or to report suspected illegal aliens or other illegal immigration activity, please visit the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement website at
Immigration-related Free/ProBono Legal Services across the country:
For a listing of free legal service providers, please visit the U.S. Department of Justice Pro Bono Program website at
Labor Certifications:
For information about labor laws, labor certifications, or labor condition applications, please visit the U.S. Labor Department website at
Social Security:
For information about social security cards, and social security numbers, please visit the Social Security Administration website at
For information about taxes, and taxpayer identification numbers, please visit the Internal Revenue Service website at
U.S. Passports:
For information about United States passports, please visit the State Department website at
Visa Processing:
For information about visas to enter the United States, visa processing, priority dates, and U.S. Consulates or Embassies abroad, please visit the State Department website at

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