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Service Centers

The Service Center Operations Directorate (SCOPS) has five service centers that process and adjudicate certain immigration applications and petitions. Service centers do not provide in-person services, conduct interviews, or receive walk-in applications, petitions, or questions. They work only on certain applications or petitions that customers have mailed, filed online, or filed with a USCIS Lockbox. The five service centers are the:

  • California Service Center
  • Nebraska Service Center
  • Potomac Service Center
  • Texas Service Center
  • Vermont Service Center
Note that the National Benefits Center (NBC) is not a SCOPS service center.

Service Center Jurisdiction

The service center that has jurisdiction over your case depends on the type of form you file and the filing instructions for that form. Where you reside may also be a factor. For example, you may live in California, but the Vermont Service Center may have jurisdiction over your case if you submitted a form that the Vermont Service Center processes.

For information on which forms each USCIS service center processes you may see our Service Center Forms Processing and our Workload Transfer Updates webpages. To determine which office or center has your case, you may review your receipt notice and any subsequent transfer notices.

Before you file

If you need help before you file, we recommend you visit our website or myUSCIS, or call the USCIS Contact Center. You can also visit our site to download free forms and instructions and read filing tips. If you are not sure what to apply for or which USCIS forms to submit, then you may need immigration legal advice from an authorized service provider.

When you file

If you submit your form online, you can print your own receipt. If you file by mail, we will mail you a receipt within 30 days of receiving your case. Your receipt will describe how we will process your case. Please save your receipt because you will need the receipt number to make any inquiries on your case.

After you file

If you filed a premium processing case, your receipt notice will indicate how to contact the service center directly.

For other cases, we recommend you use our website or call customer service. You can check processing times for the kind of case you filed to get a sense of how long processing will take. With your receipt number from your receipt you can also monitor case status, and can register to get automatic e-mail updates and/ or text message notifications as we process your case.

If you believe there is a problem with your case, if you move or need other service, we offer a variety of Case Services while a case is pending or after it is completed. Just call customer service. In fact, certain kinds of calls are automatically routed to staff at the appropriate service center.


We do not provide in-person services at service centers. We may schedule an appointment at a local office or Application Support Center (ASC) if we need to interview you, take your fingerprints, or process your case.

It is important that you make every effort to come to your appointment. If you do not appear, it may delay your case. It may also affect your eligibility for benefits and could mean we will have to deny you application or petition.

If an emergency prevents you from appearing at your appointment, follow the instructions on the appointment notice on how to contact us.

Case Inquiries

If you filed a premium processing case, you may find information on premium processing customer service on your receipt notice and on our premium processing webpage.

For all other cases, we recommend that you use our tools at and to:

If you try our tools and still need help, you may make an online case inquiry or call our USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283. If your inquiry requires review by a service center, you will get a tracking number. Keep this number.

Use of a Courier Service to Receive Certain Notices, Decisions or Travel Documents

Customers may be able to receive certain notices, travel documents or decisions faster if a pre-paid courier service mailer (envelope) is provided when filing an application or petition. This does not mean the case will be processed faster, just that the notice, travel document or decision may be able to get to the customer faster if a customer chooses to provide the prepaid courier envelope.

Since USCIS cannot independently verify the credit card numbers or courier account numbers of individuals or businesses, a prepaid mailer (envelope) will be required. For more information regarding obtaining pre-paid mailers, please consult with your courier service(s).

Items that may be sent via courier service include: approval notices (Form I-797), requests for evidence, notices of denial and/or intents to deny, and most travel documents. To take advantage of this service, the customer should include a completed mailer from the courier of his/her choice that complies with the following:

  • Is prepaid;
  • Is submitted at the time of filing or in response to a request for evidence; and
  • Includes the requestor's name and address in both the "sender" and "receiver" fields of the courier mailer.

Requests for this service that do not comply with the above requirements will result in decisions being sent through regular mail via the United States Postal Service.

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