USCIS Processing Time Information for International Operations Offices

Check Processing Times

To check processing times for your type of application, petition, or request, you will need to know:

  • The office where the form was filed (for Form I-730 cases, you will need to know at which USCIS international office the beneficiary will be interviewed); and
  • The type of form (i.e., Form I-130, Form I-131).

Not all form types processed by a USCIS International Operations field or headquarters office are reported. At this time, only processing times for Forms I-130, Forms I-131, and Forms I-730 are available online. In addition, if the USCIS office completed fewer than 10 cases of one of these form types during the reported period, the average processing time will not be displayed.

Once you have this information, use the drop-down menu below to display a chart of local processing timeframes.

Average Processing Times for Cases Completed by an International Field Office from to
Form Form Name Classification or Basis for Filing: Processing Cases As Of Date:
${data.FORM_NAME} ${data.FORM_TITLE_EN} ${data.FORM_DESC_EN} ${data.IO_TIMEFRAME} Month(s)

Calculating Processing Times

The processing timeframes displayed show the average length of time it took to complete cases during the period noted on each chart. The information on this page will be updated around the 15th day of each quarter (January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15) to reflect current processing times as of the previous six-month period. The processing time of any individual case may vary because of the complexity of the case or the need for the applicant to provide additional information.

With the exception of Form I-730 Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition cases, the processing time is the time between the date that a USCIS International Operations office receives an application and the date that we provide the applicant with notification of a decision.

Visa Requests

For cases involving visa requests, this time does not include the time it takes for consular processing after USCIS approves the petition and the applicant files a visa request with the Department of State.

Processing Times for Form I-730

The processing time for Form I-730 cases begins once the case arrives at an international field office and ends when we provide the applicant with a notification of decision, but it does not include the service center processing time. The processing times for Form I-730 cases do not include post-decision activities, such as the issuance of travel documents.

For information on all types of services provided by USCIS international offices, please see International Immigration Offices.