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Historical National Average Processing Time for All USCIS Offices

The following table shows the average processing times for select forms for all USCIS offices for Fiscal Years 2015-2019 (up to September 30, 2019). A fiscal year runs from October through September of the following year. The data from 2019 runs up to September 30, 2019 and will update monthly.

These processing times, which combine data from all USCIS offices, are based on the length of time that an office’s application/petition receipts have been awaiting adjudication (pending).

Processing Times (in Months)
Form Title Classification or Basis for Filing FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Up to September 30, 2019
${data.FORM_NAME} ${data.FORM_TITLE_EN} ${data.FORM_DESC_EN} ${data.FY14} ${data.FY15} ${data.FY16} ${data.FY17} ${data.NAT_AVG_MONTHS}

  1. N/A - Not Available.
  2. Some of the forms have been aggregated.
  3. Waivers include the following forms: I-191, I-192, I-601, I-602, I-612, and I-212.
  4. Discrepancies from past historical processing time reports may exist due to differences in reporting procedures.