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Check Case Processing Times

Select your form number and the office that is processing your case

For more information about case processing times and reading your receipt notice, click here.

Processing time for ${ formInfoEn } (${ selectedForm.number }) at ${ selectedOffice.office_description }

Estimated time range
See table below

This time range is how long it is taking your office to process your case from the date we received it. We generally process cases in the order we receive them, and we will update this page around the 15th of each month. Please note that times may change without prior notice.

We have posted a Case Inquiry Date in the table below to show when you can inquire about your case. If your receipt date is before the Case Inquiry Date, you can submit an “outside normal processing time” service request online.

  1. Estimated time range
    Form type
    Case inquiry date
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